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Our Services

Muffler Madness Services offers endless possibilities for your ride – from custom exhaust systems and component fabrication to performance and engine upgrades for your vehicle. We also provide towing accessories and installation as well as a full range of mechanical services so you can keep your car in top running condition.


Custom Exhaust & Fabrication

For the most powerful and impressive custom exhausts on the market, look to Muffler Madness. We specialize in producing high-quality exhaust systems that can really boost your engine efficiency and make your ride truly unique.

Engine & Performance Upgrades

Muffler Madness offers auto enthusiasts the best engine and performance upgrades with a variety of filters, fuel injectors, ignition systems, and engine mounts available for any make and model vehicle.

Towing Accessories

Go further and farther than before with Muffler Madness Towing Accessories. Tow Bar Kits, Brake Controllers, Snorkels and Anderson Plugs designed with your adventurous life in mind.

Mechanical Services

We offer a wide range of mechanical services including log book servicing, mechanical repairs, brake pad replacement and replacement of brake rotors. We also provide rotor machining to ensure that your vehicle is running in perfect condition.

No job is too small or too big for us to handle.

We guarantee that Muffler Madness Services will make your vehicle the envy of everyone on the road.

Contact us today for unbeatable service backed up by warranties on all parts and labour.

Custom Exhaust & Fabrication

Our team of experienced engineers has years of experience in creating custom exhaust systems for different engines including muscle cars, supercars, bikes, race cars, touring vehicles, hot rods and other types of speciality vehicles. We offer a variety of services from custom fabrication to complete system designs.

Repairs & Replacements

Whether it’s a repair or custom replacement solution, Muffler Madness has everything to provide your vehicle the unique care it deserves.


With a Muffler Madness Extractor, your car will now be louder, sharper and more aggressive than ever before – increasing power, torque, and speed.

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

Designed to reduce emissions, and make your diesel engine quieter and more efficient while also providing optimal back pressure regulation.

Catalytic Convertors & Manivertors

Enhance your vehicle’s power and fuel efficiency with our Calalytic Convertors & Manivertors – designed with precision, built to last.

Turbo Dump Pipes

Designed to give you maximum performance and power. Our turbo dump pipes are super lightweight, yet built to last and withstand extreme temperatures.


Our loud and proud exhaust cannons give your ride a whole new level of performance with unparalleled durability and unbeatable sound quality.

Custom Exhaust Systems

The perfect muffler doesn’t just come off the shelf – it’s customized just for you! Our custom exhausts provide enhanced performance and power for your engine.

Sports Systems

Maximize output and power up your engine with supercharged acceleration, improved handling and more speed than ever before.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips

Crafted from premium grade stainless steel for greater durability and longevity, every tip is entirely customized to fit your specific model.

Engine & Performance Upgrades

For passionate car fans who want more power and better performance, our team prides itself on providing the best service and maximising your vehicle’s potential. Our team of certified specialists can provide you with reliable customizations that increase speed, power and torque without compromising on reliability or efficiency.

Engine Upgrades

We can make sure your vehicle’s performance is optimised – delivering maximum power, improved fuel efficiency, and a smoother driving experience.

Performance Upgrades

Our team can lift the performance of any existing engine system – delivering on the promise of improved performance and more efficient power.

Turbo Upgrades

Turn your vehicle into an absolute powerhouse. Calibrated specifically for your car so that it works perfectly with the existing setup.

Inter cooler Upgrades

Get superior cooling capacity, allowing your engine to breathe better and perform more efficiently.

Towing Accessories

Keep your vehicle safe and secure while you’re travelling with Muffler Madness – your source for the best Tow Bar Kits, Brake Controllers, Snorkels, and Anderson Plugs on the market. Get high quality accessories installed by experienced professionals.

Tow Bar Kits

Make your hauling, towing, and hitch-up needs a breeze. Whether you’re trailering a camper or hauling construction supplies, you can depend on our quality tow bars for secure and durable attachment.


Tackle water obstacles like never before. Our Snorkel range will keep your engine running even when submerged. Increase your capabilities off-road and enhance the look of your ride.

Brake Controllers

Get more control over your tow vehicle and trailer. Our range of brake controllers provide you with maximum safety and precision for hassle-free hauling. 

Anderson Plugs

Make towing your boat, trailer, or camper easy with one of the most reliable cords on the market. Built to withstand tough weather elements and won’t lose connection across long distances. 

Mechanical Services

Rest easy knowing that our team of expert mechanics and technicians are here to help you take care of all your vehicle’s needs. From minor issues to major repairs, we have everything you need for your car at competitive prices and quality work. Let us make sure your ride is safe, efficient and reliable.

Log Book Servicing

We specialize in log book servicing, including oil and oil filter changes, brake fluid testing, fluid level testing and refilling (if required), spark plug replacements, timing belt replacements and more.

Mechanical Repairs

We provide a wide range of mechanical services and repairs, from basic maintenance and oil changes to engine repairs and rebuilds. Our workshop is stocked with the best parts and replacement components on the market today.

Brake Pads, Rotors & Rotor Machining

Muffler Madness Mechanical Services is the one stop shop for all your automotive brake needs.  Our experienced technicians specialize in all things brakes – from Pads and Rotors to Rotor Machining and Resurfacing.